Solution for CANON Printer Cartridge Jam Issue - Canon Printer
Solution for CANON Printer Cartridge Jam Issue
CANON Printers are known for its quality. They rarely experience any fault or issue with it. But you might experience so unavoidable problems while using CANON Printer and to find a solution for them can be convenient for you, if you just make a call at CANON Printer Support Number UK to consult an expert. One of such issues is of cartridge jam that happens because of age and regular use of the printer. Taking the printer to a technician’s place can cost you too much, thankfully you have an alternative to resolute the issue by yourself. For this, you need to follow the given steps.

What are The Causes of paper jam and how to clear it? - Canon Printer
What are The Causes of paper jam and how to clear it?
Paper jam is the most common and most irritating issue that almost every printer user faces. CANON Printer users are no exception in the list, although the printer is of great quality and provide smooth functioning. You can easily avoid paper jam if you just find out the causes of it. If you are already a victim of this issue then contact a printer technician at CANON Printer Support Number UK 08007563354. Listed below are some reasons why mostly the paper jam problem occurs.
The paper you are printing on is skewed.
The paper is tearing or is having dent in the middle.
The output tray is too full.
The paper is not properly loaded in the tray.
The paper tray is too full.
The media type doesn’t match the type selected in the printer setting.
Any obstruction is blocking the path.
The paper is too long.
You are using mixed media or paper type.

My Canon Printer Pixma is Only Printing Black & White - Canon Printer
My Canon Printer Pixma is Only Printing Black & White.
Imagine you have spent a lot of money to buy a colored printer but then one day you find out that your Canon Pixma Printer is just printing in black color only. Obviously, if that happens then you will feel that you have wasted your money and your printer machine is of no use, especially when you need to print photos and graphics too often. Let us say you are using Canon Pixma MP560, this machine has three different color cartridge but some changes in setting can stop these color cartridges from giving you colored output. If that happens with you then please get in touch with our software executives at 08007563354 Canon Printer Contact Number UK to make the required changes.

Dial Canon Printer Customer Service UK
What if your canon Printer can’t connect to WiFi?
Connectivity is most important when you want to utilize your printing machine to the fullest. But your canon printer might get you some erros while connecting to a particular WiFi connection. In such situation, you need to ensure that the printer is turned on and then press and hold the Wi-Fi button available on the top of the printer so that the alarm lamp flashes only for once. If you are having some issue still, you can ask the technical support team at Canon Printer Wifi Support and they will answer your every doubt within a short period of time.