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Alexandra Grayson Alexandra Grayson
4 months ago
Digital Tools and skills for successful online learning

Every year, online learning is becoming more real and more attractive for people who simply do not have to attend classes at the university. And there may be many different reasons for this. For example, a person planes career growth for which he wants to enhance his skills. But this man has no time to study by correspondence, day or evening courses. So he chooses remote learning. Such training is also a real chance to get a good education for those categories of people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system.

According to writers from successful online learning requires possession of the relevant computer and technical literacy. Below is the basic information that you need when joining your first online class.

- Software. Before you start learning you should acquire appropriate programs: text editors, applications for creating of the presentations, applications for use with spreadsheets, programs for downloading files.

- E-mail. This is a very important tool for online learning. It is important to be able to use e-mail, send and receive files and letters, use the contact list and configure it if necessary.

- Skills of the manage files and folders. The issue here is about organization of folders in classes; converting files to different formats; renaming, copying, deleting files and folders; moving files from one folder to another.

- Internet literacy. The online classes Internet is widely used for the needs of scientific and social media. Most libraries offer online webinars for students who need to get Internet skills necessary for their occupation.

- Programs that provide protection, security, and data backup. Schools often include the recommended software for cyber security, in addition, there are many such programs available for download at the Internet, some are free. If you are little versed in the technique, you can get advice from someone who is knowledgeable in computer technology. It is necessary to make sure that your computer has the appropriate antivirus software, before you go online for some reason.

- Etiquette. Let’s consider the basic rules of online communication: use correct grammar; you need to re-read the written messages before sending them; pay attention to the tone in which the story is; avoid humor and sarcasm; be polite; write the names of classmates correctly; always refer to your teacher for his / her rank (never use his name); avoid using when writing messages solely capital letters.

- Learning Management System. With this online program you will have access to the classes, you will participate in discussions and send decision tasks. Educational establishments provide textbooks to help students learn the rules for using of the learning management system.